Regional road 224 from Aura to Salo and back.

I have driven this road between intersection of Highway 1 and Aura many times, when we were travelling to Säkylä, as we wanted to explore the roads out of the highway or main road level. 

Seututie 224 is a regional road that runs from Aura via Tarvasjoki and Marttila to Salo in the province of Varsinais-Suomi. The length of the road is 43 kilometers.

The area was initially a part of the Lieto parish. A church was built in the village of Prunkkala in 1636, forming a new chapel community. In 1908, an order to separate Prunkkala from Lieto was made. The villages of Kuuskoski, Hypöinen, Viilala and Lahto were transferred to it from Pöytyä. The parish became fully independent in 1917 under the current name Aura, after the Aura train station and the community that had formed around it in the late 19th century

On the Salo side, the road first crosses Vaskionjoki, after crossing it arrives in Haliko's Vaskio agglomeration and crosses Kuusjoki near its confluence with Vaskionjoki. After that, the road reaches the Märynummi settlement of Haliko. South of Märynummi, the road crosses highway 1 (E18) as an interchange. After this, the road continues for about a kilometer until it also diverges at the interchange to Halikkoon Vaskiontie, the alignment of which the road previously followed. Immediately after this, the road crosses the Halikonjoki, where after a few kilometers it undercuts the Turku–Karjaa railway. After this, the road makes two more gentle bends until it reaches its end point at the regional road 110 roundabout.

In Finnish salo means woodland, backwoods but also a wooded island. It is thought that Salo has meant the island that over thousand years ago existed to the south of the current town but is today (due to the post-glacial rebound typical in the area) a hill, not even very close to the sea.