Road 280

I have been driving road 280 quite while and near Nummi-Pusula there is this lake Pusulanjärvi, which floods near by fields almost every year. About month ago we had really bad weather and since it was above 0°C it came down as water, every where. Usually it's below -10°C at this time of the year, but this unusual warm weather had made the floods earlier and as I was driving road 280 to this place it was shut down, so I didn't get to shoot it above.

Now, this time the road was open and it was sunny so I had the opportunity to shoot it from the above. There is this bird watch tower on the other end of this road. I parked the car and noticed that it did was cold and mildly windy. Anyways I set up the drone and up it went. Although it was sunny but wind was blowing from the north at the time and it was chilling. I managed to shoot few photos: