Highway strip on National Road 2

 In my previous post I talked about highway strips and mentioned that there is quite near a second one at Jokioinen. So I woke up early in Saturday morning and went for a drive. It was warm and sunny morning. 

In 2006-2009 when there were improvements made to National Road 2, there were also constructed a highway strip to part of the road near Jokioinen.  It's roughly 2 km long and in the Northwest corner it has these two turning points, which looks, from above, like a... man's member, if you catch my drift.

After completion Finnish Air Force has used this highway strip a quite often for training for the Pilots and ground troops to take off and landings on a short runaways. 

As I were driving back to home I did take a little detour and I drove through Jokioinen's "center" and I drove next to Loimijoki which had flooded near by farming land.

Loimijoki is fanning from left to right and Jänhijoki mergers from the middle to Loimijoki. Loimijoki isn't much wider than Jänhijoki at this part, but as the near by farming land is so low it gets flooded quite easily.