RSA: Roadscape Attractions on road 186

There are many roadside attractions that advertise themselves, but there are so much more than that, that  doesn't do that. You just have to take a side road and find out. And even with taking the road less travelled you are going to miss so much. 

Road 186(only in finnish) goes from Inkoo  to Salo. It travels almost parallel to road 110 which used to be National road 1, but it's now only regional road 110, which  travels  parallel to National road 1. 

I have driven by this quarry so many times and always wanted to know how huge it really is. Yesterday I had my drone with me and I found a good spot to park my car and send my drone up in the way. 

It's not that huge when you drive by and see only that short mound of sand, covered with trees and what not, when you can see it from above. It is kind of huge. 

From same advantage point to other way of that same road. It's funny how those clouds cover so much and so little at the time.

This is on road 186, just before you hit the town of Salo. Home of Nokia's bad ass phone 3310.