Change of plans

 I had planned a road trip to Parainen / Pargas and Archipelago sea to shoot some scenery with my drone. It's about little over an hour drive away where I live so it won't be a long trip and I thought I might as well take a little detour beforehand to near Harjureitti where there is still parts of old remains of Finnish regional road 213, which were left for nature to take back. I've made another post about this thing on this same road.

As I approached first place I drove my car into the shadows and get up and then I started to wonder, where the hell is my drone? Of course I had left it in my home, and I was half an hour away. So I had to turn back and drive that half an hour back to home even before I can start to my road trip to Parainen.

With that, I kind of lost interest for today to make it and I just drive the smaller roads back to home as it nice weather.  So as I was cruising along the road and I saw that road was going to cross over the Loimijoki and I noticed that road takes turn to left to enter the bridge, but the bridge and the road takes turn to right at the same time.

I actually ain't that sharp turns as it seems in this photo, but it's all about perspective, right?

And as my plans had changed I remembered this other bridge that I crossed over the Loimijoki, back in the winter when it was getting dark and mist in the middle of the cold winter. So I headed back to Loimaa city and took the old regional road 213, which is nowdays called as Kanta-Loimaantie. So I was kind of doing what I was supposed to do. Just when you approach Hirvikoski church there is a road to cross over the Loimijoki. 

That's an old bridge, Old as in several decades old. It has wooden base platform with a steel track to reinforce it.