Open-pit mine

 ... in a center of the city. Yes, few places in the world has those. But I bet you didn't know one would be in the Finland!

In city of Parainen there is a open-pit chalkstone mine, just a couple hundred meters away from the city center.

 This is from the South west direction to North East. Closest houses are just few ten meters away form the edge of the pit. They have no plans to expand futher to the town, but...

I remember this open-pit mine from my past, when I saw a 1970 El Camino photoshoot on it, in a car magazine in 80's. It was True SS 1970 El Camino, owned by person related to the open-pit mine. Or so I remember it now. That's was the time I fell in love with the 1970 El Camino.