Two types of passage over water

 In the Archipelago sea, there are two types of passage over water, one is a bridge.

This one is from the Norrströmmen strait on a regional road 180. (Only in Finnish).

Regional road 180 is part of  the Archipelago ring road, which starts from Turku and goes on Highway 1 and through Kaarina to Parainen, Nauvo, Korppoo, Houtskär, Iniö, Kustavi and back to Highway 8 in Raisio and ends back in Turku.

And then there are Lautta or Ferries that travel between two endpoints. Those ferries travel all year around and mostly all day long. Except between the Houtskär - Iniö which is operated by M/S Antonia, which only travels from the mid-May till end of the August. And that is the only one that has fee, all the other ferries in the Archipelago ring road is free to travel.

This is in Nauvo and it travels between Parainen and Nauvo. It's called L/A Elektra, it is also a hybrid ferry, it can be operated with electricity and diesel power, due ice conditions during winter. The goal is to run on electricity 98% of the time.

I have a plan to travel the whole ring road in this summer or at least on next year.