Driving off from sunset

In a Western movies the hero always rides off into the sunset. I was driving home from a hike in the  Harjureitti with my dog on Saturday evening  and we set off about the time when the sun was settling in. After few kilometers I noticed that the sky was turning into orange in a side mirror of my car. I knew that it won't last long and I was driving through the forest and there wasn't any good place to park and try to take the shot. I knew that there is an opening coming soon, but there wasn't either good spot to park a car. So I checked mirrors if there were any cars behind me. No. In front no oncoming cars. So, I slowed down the speed and grabbed my phone from the center console and without looking I opened the cam app. It's quite easy in iPhone as I have set it up so.

Checked the mirrors again. No traffic behind. No oncoming traffic. Half blindly set my phone next to a side window and started taking photos. I kept my eyes on the road and just shooting away. There got to be one or two decent photos, right?

With a little bit of tweaking in the Lightroom and you get one decent photo:


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