Roadscape Youtube channel

 So, I've started a YouTube channel for Roadscape. I've posted one short video before and try to post more videos in the channel on regular base. I really don't know yet what kind of material I'll be posting mostly, but I'll figure it out while I am doing it so. 

A second video that I've posted is just "dashcam" video me driving around the local country roads while heading for home.

There isn't any real point in this video, but to show those less travelled roads in Finland. Most visitors in the Finland will drive only the biggest and main roads that are well maintenance. 

These gravel roads may be a reason why we the Finns are so good at WRC. A Lot of gravel and unpaved roads in the countryside for young people to drive and learn to handle car on a loose surface. Not to mention that we get snow from the October till April, most of the country anyways.