Road trip from Loimaa to Lappi TL

 So, I had to drive to Rauma from Loimaa and I thought to shoot video of it. I decided to drtve road less travelled and drive regional road 210, which leaves from Hirvikoski, Loimaa and goes through Oripää, Yläne, Hinnerjoki and ends in Lappi TL, where my video also ends. 

First part is departing from Loimaa, actually we depart from Hirvikoski, which was center of Loimaa Kunta which was in turn consolidated to Loimaa in 2005.

and we arrive Oripää from the east:

Oripää is part of Esker that stretches from Säkylä to Mellillä. There is also a airfield in Oripää.

I didn't go through Oripää's center but rather drive "around" it. Short distance in road 41 before I got back on road 210.

After short 20 minutes later we arrive at Yläne from east:

Yläne is a former municipality of Finland that  was consolidated to Pöytyä on 1 January 2009. 

There has been settlements from Finnish prehistoric time, and oldest know burial site is date to Viking age, in 8th century.

And after short 20 minutes drive later we arrive at former municipality of Hinnerjoki:

Hinnerjoki was consolidated to Eura back in 1970.

And 10 minutes later we arrive at former municipality of Lappi TL from south.

Lappi TL was a municipality in Satakunta region befor it was consolidated with Rauma on 1 January 2009. It was called Lappi TL because it was located in former Turun Lääni and not to be confused with the Northern Lappland. TL comes from Turun Lääni.

25.12.21 Edit: I was brought to my attention that the Starting time for each of clips was zero and all started from the beginning. That is now fixed.