Sunny Sunday Drive

It was day before Finnish Independency Day and it was a -15°C outside and the Sun was shining so I went for a Sunday drive. I decided to head to the Lauttakylä, which is administrative center of the Huittinen, but  some calls the city as Lauttakylä, mainly older folks.

So, I tried to follow as close as possible Loimijoki from Loimaa to Huittinen. After a while I came across bridge that I had previously post about.

And quite soon I entered the Alastaro:

Alastaro has been a part of the Loimaa since 1st. of January, 2009. Quick drive through and I headed to Huittinen on road 2101, which starts from road 210 near Haaroinen, Loimaa and ends in road 212 in Vuorenmaa, Säkylä.

As the road 2101 follows contours of Loimijoki quite well between Alastaro and Vampula it didn't take long before I arrived at Vampula:

And after short time I missed the road to Rutava which was is part of Vampula. There used to be a old brick factory in Rutava and there is still standing it's old brick chimney to this day. The brick factory burnt down in 1976. 

After Rutava we enter in a gravel road and follow the Loimijoki much closer till we get to Huittinen:

Huittinen is kind of center hub for lot of places. There is road to Pori, Rauma, Turku, Tampere and of course to capitol, Helsinki.