Wiggling country roads

So, it was a sunny day and I was driving around, not making a video this time, but just to keep car "in shape", because it was quite cold at the time and as my car don't have a heating element in the engine block, but the "Webasto", everyone speaks gasoline heaters as Webasto, which is just an one manufacturer. 

But the point was that when you use the "Webasto" you should drive and charge the battery at least same amount of time as the heater was in use. 

And it was nice and sunny so I had my drone with me so I took this photo around Kertunmäki towards Loimaa.

This is the regional road 210 from Loimaa to Hinnerjoki and ends into the main road 43. 

From a bit different perspective:

Well, I have a new road trip premiering on the 9th of the January on my YouTube Channel, go check it out!