Driving in to the sunset

 I was doing my grocery shopping and I noticed that there was this sun pilar in the sky and I knew that I had to drive to this place not far away from my home to take a picture. So, after I did my grocery shopping I headed to this place and took this picture:

I noticed that I might have a time to drive to a different, but am evem better to take a picture before it dissapper completely and I got into my car and drove there. I admit that I took these just before I reached that desired spot, while driving:

 I got there just at the right time! Sun pilar had just aligned with the road and I got out of my car and took this:

After that I got in my car and though, I have my "dash cam" right there on the windshield and I might have a short time to catch a short driving video too. So, I took off and headed to the sun set.

This is what I caught


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