Round Trip around Lake Pyhäjärvi

I have lived western part of Finland most of my life and my parents are from Säkylä, which is next to the Lake Pyhäjärvi. So, I've spent quite much in Säkylä in my youth and Lake Pyhäjärvi has been a part of my life. I did mean to shoot this video in summer time, but didn't get around to actually do it. 

I need to come back in the spring, summer and fall. 

I started from south part of the lake, Yläne and drove to Säkylä on regional road 204, which starts from Lieto on National road 9 and ends up with Eura on National road 12.

When I arrived in Säkylä, I entered the eastern part of Säkylä and drove through Säkylä and drive all the way to Kauttua, which is part of Eura nowadays. I didn't remember where was the road that goes through Ruukinpuisto, so that I follow as close as possible the Lake Pyhäjärvi.

After that I head down south on National road 43, which goes from Uusikaupunki to Harjavalta, via Laitila and Eura.

In Honkilahti there is a "short cut" to Regional road 210, which is quite less travelled. Normally I would have drive to Hinnerjoki and take the Regional road 210 from there, but as I wanted to travel as close as possible to the lake Pyhäjärvi, I took this connecting road 2053.

And what do you know, just before I enter back in the Yläne, I enter back in the Säkylä again!

And then I am back in the Yläne, which is part of Pöytyä nowdays.