Road Trip from Säkylä to Kokemäki

 It was a sunny Sunday and I was with my dog in Säkylä. We walked familiar places and on the ice. After a while I decided to drive to Kokemäki, where I haven't been in ages and it isn't that far from Säkylä, straightest route via connection road 2140, takes less than 30 min to drive 30 km, but I wanted to take a bit of sightseeing route.

First, I headed to Kankaanpää, via connecting road 2044 which is a village just a few kilometers away from Säkylä. This is not to be confused with city of Kankaanpää, which is a town in Northern Satakunta.

As I enter the Kankaanpää, there is a sandy beach on the left of the road, which is one of the only places on the shores of Lake Köyliönjärvi with a decent sandy beach.  Also, there is a Kuninkaanlähde (King's fountain) which is one of the largest fountains in Finland. From there on I drive on connection road 2131.

There is a huge island in middle of the lake called Kirkkosaari, which is about 140 hectares and contains a Church, where the name comes. Kirkko = Church. There also is probably the oldest Estate in Finland,  called Köyliönkartano.

There is a legend of Lalli, who presumable killed Bishop Henry on the ice of the Lake Köyliönjärvi on January 20, 1156 AD.

It is said that Köyliönkartano was originally Lalli's estate, but after killing the Bishop, Catholic church takes over the estate.

A short drive from the Kirkkosaari, we enter the what used to be center of Köyliö. After merging with Säkylä in 1st of January 2016, all the administrative moved to the center of the Säkylä. From there we drive connection road 2140, which goes from Säkylä to Kokemäki.

After we havd travelled past few lakes, one which is called Pitkäjärvi, is known for as a recreational center. There are 171 or 174 (depending on the sources) lakes called Pitkäjärvi in Finland.  Short drive and we drive over National road 2 and enter Kokemäki. Which is a town next to river Kokemäenjoki which originates from Lake Liekovesi in the Pirkanmaa and ends in the Gulf of Bothnia at Pori.