Been quite lazy

 Yeah, I have been a bit lazy and I have made a few videos for my YouTube channel, but at least it's something. 

From Loimaa to Forssa Autokeidas there are two routes. This is the "shortest and fastest" when there is a winter speed in order. In the summer time it's a bit different, since most of the this route has 80 km/h speed limit, but the other route has 100 km/h speed limit almost whole way.

I'll be doing the other route in the near future, but propapbly snow has melted from the fields, so it' won't be quite "same" in scenery wise.

While I was driving around I thought to drive from Forssa to Urjala via regional road 284. 

And while I was driving around and I had free space on the memory card on my "dash cam", I decided to drive from Urjala to Punkalaidun. And about bit after I noticed that the camera started blinking red memory card sign. I tried to catch how much there was left, but it was so small and I had to start doing a bit of calculus in my head about how long I have left and I came to conclusion that I might manage to drive to Punkalaidun and get that drive recorded.

And I got just pass the "village limit" and camcorder stopped recording.

So, this was regional route 230, but as I didn't get to record it as in a single drive, I decided that I need to buy bigger memory card and drive this regional road 230 from start to finish.