Long and straight roads

 So I was driving around this fine and sunny Sunday. I wasn't shooting a video for my YouTube channel at all, since I wasn't driving my usual car.  Back in the March I made a Road Trip Video from Säkylä to Kokeenmäki and while I was stationary in Kokemäki I walked around with my dog and thought about that I need to take a road trip from Kokemäki to somewhere. So as I was just driving around I found myself at the Kokemäki and I thought about that though, that I had back in the March. 

First, I drove past this and after a few minutes I thought about it and I turned around and came back to take these pictures.

I got to test my "new" Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 lens that I bought last spring. Difference that 80 mm and 200 mm makes. 

While I kept driving around and I noticed that I was inclining a bit and when I turned left in this corner, I was amazed that the road just dropped out of sight and I could see far away over the tree line.

By the time I got to this spot in my Sunday drive I didn't know where exactly I was. This is a long straight road and I stood at the other end of it and I waited and waited that I could get clear road, but there was constant traffic. 

And near my home there is "birch alley". Long and straight road and birch trees on both sides.

There is also an another "birch alley" near me, which was cut down a few years ago, but is now growing again.