Regional route 212

 Regional road 212 goes from Säkylä to Huittinen. It starts from regional road 204 intersection and goes through Vuorenmaa and ends at the intersection of national road 41. 

The road is quite straight from Säkylä to Vuorenmaa village and from there on it gets quite wiggling till Huittinen.

It's not rare to encounter military vehicle while driving this road, since Säkylä has Huovinrinne's garrison, which you can see early on the video, on the right side of the road. Well, kind of see it. It's in the middle of the forest. 

Second part is the drive from Huittinen to Säkylä.

Huittinen is hub at the border of Satakunta, Pirkanmaa and Southwest Finland.

As other videos that I've published show that Huittinen is a hub.