National road 2 part 1

 In a summer of 2022 I drove part of the National road in two separate times, one between Huittinen and Pori and the second one between Huittinen and Forssa. I had also planned a drive from Forssa between Karkkila and Karkkila and Helsinki, but life got in a way. And driving the rest in a winter time would be rather different scenery than earlier videos.

This is between Pori and Huittinen.

There is  a quite long motorway part at the Pori end of the National road 2.

National road 2 is a quite straight road till Huittinen. Ulvila is next town and only 9 kilometers away from Pori. Ulvila  is one of the six medieval cities of Finland, as well as the third oldest city in the country.

And we keep going straight and enter in the Nakkila, or rather go through it.


Nakkila has been an independent town since 1861, when it was separated from Ulvila.

And after short and straight drive, we enter in the Harjavalta, which is the third town from Pori, in less than 30 km distance.

Hiittenharju is a ridge in Harjavalta, known for its archaeology and cultural history. The banks of the ancient Litorina Sea lies on the fringes of the Hiittenharju ridge.

And again after short and straight drive, we enter in the Kokemäki.

It is believed that the Iron Age town of Teljä was located next to the Kokemäenjoki river at Kokemäki.

Then we have a "long" and mostly straight drive to Huittinen.

Thanks to its location, Huittinen is a crossing of two national roads, and very busy hub for bus traffic.