National road 2 part 2

 This is the second part of National road 2, from Huittinen to Forssa.

When I was younger, this was the route from Rauma to Helsinki. But since National road 1 was completed between Helsinki and Turku, this route become "obsolite", since driving from Rauma to Helsinki was faster through Turku, even thought it was a bit longer.

The road from Huittinen to Forssa has long stretches of straight roads.

Around middle of the Huittinen and Forssa is Humppila, which is a hub as Huittinen, but not as big. Crossroads with National road 2 and National road 9, which goes from Turku to the Niirala border guard station in Tohmajärvi, right next to the Russian border.

Humppila is known for it's Humppila glassworks next to National road 2. It is famous middle way pit stop for drivers.

And just before we arrive to Forssa, there is the highway strip in the Jokioinen, which I have previously write about.

And there, it's just a very short drive to Forssa.

And Forssa is a hub too. It is crossroads between National road 2 and National road 10, which goes from Turku to Hämeenlinna.