National road 12 part 1

National road 12 goes from Rauma to Kouvola, via Huittinen, Tampere and Lahti.

Road between Rauma and Huittinen used to be main road 42, but in 1996 when road names were reformed it was changed to National road 2, which extended the National road 68 km, from 271 km to 339 km.

Lappi is a former municipality of Finland, as it was consolidated to Rauma in 2009.

Before postal code era, it was called as Lappi TL as in Lappi Turun Lääni (Turku Province, as in Lappi in Turku Province and not the one in the north, Lappland.)

Eura is known for Pyhäjärvi, which is the biggest lake in the south west of Finland. Most of the lake is situated in the Eura municipality area.

And then we drive a short distance in National road 2 as National road 12 joins the National road 2 and goes parallel to Huittinen where it separates and continues from Huittinen to Tampere again.