National road 2 part 3

This is the third part of the National Road 2 Between Vihti and Pori. This is between Forssa and Nummela, which is part of Vihti nowadays.

Although I did think about driving from Forssa to Karkkila and from Karkkila to Helsinki, I drove from Forssa to Nummela, aka to intersection of National road 2 and National road 1.

The road is quite straight almost whole distance, few bends here and there. 

25 years ago there was a huge forest fire that crossed the National road 2 in Tammela. I remember driving through this section just a few days after the fire and you could see burnt trees on both sides of the road. 

There was a long time many old charred tall tree trunks standing, but now there aren't any signs of that huge fire that ravished the landscape.

After half an hour eventless drive, and we enter Karkkila.

Karkkila is known for its historical Högfors ironworks area. There used to be private railroad between Hyvinkää and Karkkila. It ran from Hyvinkää railway station to Högfors ironworks.

And an another short drive and we enter Nummela, or actually pass by Nummela and drive short two-lane expressway till the end of the National road 2. Which ends at Palojärvi, Vihti. Well, it actually starts from there, but as I drove it from the Pori to Vihti.