National road 43 in reverse

 Well, this is the road from Uusikylä to Harjavalta, except in reverse. I actually started this trip from Harjavalta and drove to Uusikaupunki and then drove back and posted about it while ago.

Harjavalta is know for it's the copper and nickel smelting industries. Today's most used metal recovery method, the flash smelting method, was developed at Harjavalta and implemented in 1949.

After quite straight forward driving we enter to Kiukainen.

There used to be railway station in Kiukainen, but it was decommissioned in late 1980's, when passanger travel ended in Rauman-rata.

And while we are driving, we are in Eura, since Kiukainen was consolidated with Eura on 1st January 2009.

The municipality is one of the most distinguished places in Finland in terms of pre-historical findings. The archaeological findings are mainly from the Iron Age and include e.g. ancient dress "Euran Emännän Puku".

There is a notable design by famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto known as Terassitalo in Kauttua.

And we still keep driving in Eura municipality when we arrive in Hinnerjoki.

There is a aerial photo of the church that has been rebuilt few decades later after compilation. I think I need to "update" that photo to modern day.

Then we arrive at the Laitila, which the Hinnerjoki was part of back in the 18th century. 

And quite straight road we get to Kalanti, which is basically Uusikaupunki.

And then we arrive to the Uusikaupunki.

So there was that same route in reverse.