National road 12 part 2

 While we drove from Rauma to Huittinen on previous post about National road 12, we drive back to Rauma from Huittinen. When I first drove to Rauma from Huittinen I had problem with my recording device and I got way too small resolution and bitrate, so I had to schedule a new date to drive to Rauma.

First you drive a road that has two designation, National road 2 and 12.

As I was driving to Huittinen there was a special delivery on the road with long load on a truck.

Just before Eura you can see headquarter of Finnish company called Biolan, which is was established 1974 as sister company for Finnish poultry company Kariniemi to make use by-product manure from the poultry.

Sammallahdenmäki is a Bronze Age burial site in Finland near Lappi TL, it is dated back more than 3000 years. It is also one of the largest, most complete, and most important Bronze Age sites in Fennoscandia,

Rauma is located between Turku and Pori by the national road 8 (E8).  The name Rauma comes from the Germanic word strauma, meaning "stream".

Finnish national road 12 starts from Rauma and it was extended to the Port of Rauma in 2008.