National road 41 from Aura to Huittinen

National road 41 diverges from highway 9 in Aura, northeast of Turku. The road passes Pöytyä and Oripää municipal centers, the village of Loimaa Virttaa and the church village of Vampula before arriving in the Huittinen, where the road ends at the junction of highways 2 and 12.

Changes in Finnish road numbering system in 1938 made to road between Turku and Tampere via Huittinen as National road 9. At that time, the alignment of the road differed somewhat from today. The current road was built in the 1960s.

Road 41 starts near ABC-station in Aura. 

And just after very short drive we are in Pöytyä, and first village is Riihikoski, which was Pöytyä's administrative center before Karinainen merger with Pöytyä, after which Kyrö become the administrative center of Pöytyä.

Oripää is named after a nearby hill, Orivuori (literally the "stallion mountain"), which may also have been called Oripää ("stallion head") at some point. In the northern side of the Oripää there is an ancient road called Huovintie which is one of the oldest roads in Finland.

Virttaa is surrounded by Virttaankangas Esker which is a part of a series of Esker that trails 150 km.


And shortly after Virtaa there is Virtaa Highway strip, which I have visited few other times too.

Vampula used have more pigs than people, because there used to be over 40 pig farms. Now days almost all spinach for industrial level farming are produced in Vampula area.

And finally we arrive at Huittinen.