National road 41 from Huittinen to Aura

 In my previous post we traveled from Aura to Huittinen via national road 41 and in this we drive from Huittinen to Aura.

So we start at intersection of National road 2 and old national road 9, which is now days from here to Tampere as national road 12 and to Turku national road 41, which we are driving. I was going to say today, but I  drove this way back in... March or February? Well, back then there were snow, which could mean that this was shot also in during Midsummer festive. As the running joke goes.

And then we pass the Vampula intersection:

Virttaa highway strip, again, but this time from different direction. And this time without slush in the windshield

Village Virttaa:

Oripää again:

Pöytyä again:

Riihikoski again: