Regional road 232 back and forth

Regional road 232 starts from National road 2 near Murro at Humppila and it ends in  roundabout in regional road 230 at Punkalaidun. This road was 2312 before 1996  road numbering reform. The road is 19 kilometers long.

In this video I start from the Humppila and drive all the way to that roundabout in Punkalaidun.

The road begins at the intersection of national road 2 in Murro, Humppila. First, the road runs mostly straight, but in some places a little winding through the countryside in the northwestern part of Humppila municipality. After this, the road meets both the Kanta-Häme and Pirkanmaa provincial border and the Humppila and Punkalaidun municipal border. Next, the road passes Metsäkulma municipality on its eastern side. After that, the road continues in a mostly straight but gently winding profile for about three kilometers, after which it passes the municipality of Sadonmaa. About a kilometer after passing Sadonmaa, the road passes the Kiertola municipality and soon after meets the intersections of Myllytie and Orisuontie. Next, the road continues with a similar profile for the next couple of kilometers before arriving at the village of Jalasjoki. Here the road meets the intersection of Vihalaidantie and begins to follow the banks of the Punkalaitumenjoki watershed branch. After following the banks of Punkalaitumenjoki for about three kilometers, the road passes the Porttikallio sports center on its south side. After that, the road meanders gently for another two kilometers, at the end of which it arrives at the intersection of connecting road 2310. At the intersection, the road turns northeast towards the center of Punkalaidun, after which it crosses the Punkalaitumenjoki river before reaching the center of Punkalaidun and the end point, i.e. the 230 roundabout of regional road.

And the same route but from Punkalaidun to Humppila. 

The road's address is first Punkalaitumentie from highway 2 to the municipal border, Murronharjuntie to the junction of the 2310 junction, and Kanteenmaantie in the last 350 meters before the end point, i.e. the regional road 230 roundabout.