Regional road 230 has beautiful scenery

 I drove Regional road 230 before, from Urjala to Huittinen,  in spring time last year. I did mean to drive it again in the summer but didn't managed to drive it until this year. 

This time I drove it back and forth.  First I drove is from the end to begin, as the Regional road 230 goes from Urjala to Huittinen, via Punkalaidun. I started my road trip from National road 2 intersection, where the Regional road 230 ends.

Regional road 230 is known as travel road and it is known as Taikayöntie in Finnish, which translates as Night of magic road. Literal translation is Nightmagic road. Which name it got from Martti Innanen's song: Urjalan Taikayö.

And after we passed Punkalaidun, the scenery shifts a bit. Mostly because the Punkalaitumenjoki isn't parallel to Regional road 230 anymore. Actually, it is the other way around, but as I was driving to another direction, so yeah.

After that it gets more forests around the road. I guess because there isn't an easy water source for the crop fields as those tend to be close to rivers and lakes and such.

And then we enter Urjala and Regional road starting point at the top of the National road 9.

This sparked to make a themed road trips more, as there are few travel roads in Finland. Which has significant roadside attractions for tourists and travellers.