Connecting road 2043

Connecting road 2043 starts from Riihikoski and ends at the intersection of regional road 204 in Yläne. The road is just 10 kilometers long. It runs mostly in forested area.

This is a second road that I have driven between regional road 204 and main road 41, well actually third one, since I've driven regional road 210 from Loimaa to Lappi TL and you have to cross the main road 41 and regional road 204, so technically I've driven between those two road three occasions. 

Well, actually four times. Now I remembered that driving regional road 213 also gets you driven between those two roads as it ends at the intersection of regional road and starts all the way from highway 10 in Ypäjä and it passes main road 41 in Virttaa, Loimaa.