Countryside drive from Mynämäki to Yläne and back

Well now, it has been quite a while now. I have managed to keep up with the videos, but this blog has been on summer vacation for a while now. But let's get back to the roads. 

This is a road that I have never driven before. Even though I have driven around Yläne a quite lot.

Connecting road 2020 is a road that runs from the intersection of Highway 8 / E8 from Mynämäki to the intersection of Regional road 204 to Yläne. The road is 33 kilometers long and runs mostly through forested area.

I haven't driven by this intersection in a while and I was surprised that it has shifted a bit. 

It was straight 90° to Yläne, but now it has this "slowing down" curve that you really have to slow down before you enter Highway 8.

1st of the January 1977 Mynämäki and Karjala municipality joined and formed current Mynämäki.

One of the most important museum and cultural environment areas in the municipality is the culturally valuable Korvensuu power plant area and the Korvensuu power plant and engineering museum, which is located at the junction of Laajoki and Suuren Postitie, protected under the Building Protection Act. 

The buildings in the area include the old hydropower plant building and its canal structures, as well as several other buildings, such as a machine shop, a painter's workshop, a residential building, a basement, and a stable and wood shed. Lounais-Suomen Sähkö Oy acquired the factory site established at the beginning of the 20th century in 1937, after which the company's newest hydropower plant was in use until 1993. 

The area has since been developed as a museum by the municipality, the local community association, the provincial museum and private individuals. Among other things, the museum operating in the workshop's premises exhibits the Korvensuu 1913 model, the first car built in Finland by manufacturer Frans Lindström. It was manufactured at the Korvensuu workshop in 1913.

Yläne has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and in this respect it relates to the old settlement of the Eura and Säkylä region. In 1954, the so-called Anivehmaa settlement was discovered on the land of Yläne's Vanhankartano, on the banks of Yläneenjoki. Excavations at the site revealed 83 graves, the oldest of which has been dated to the Viking Age in the 7th century and the majority of the 9th–11th centuries.