Archipelago ring road part 2

Last year I made an attempt to drive the Archipelago ring road, but I never "got the time" and then when I had the time, I messed up the timing for it and only managed to drive it from Turku, through Naantali to Heponniemi, Kustavi. 

This year I had the whole summer to take this trip and I almost missed it again. Well, missing is kind wrong statement since you can drive the archipelago ring in the winter, but not completely around since the ferry between Dalen and Mossala is only available during summer time. From mid-May to end of the August or early September.

So, I picked up this where I left it last year, Heponniemi, Kustavi. 

There is a second ferry about middle of the second part of the ring road, between Jumo and Iniö island. 

Iniö is a former municipality of Finland. On 1st January 2009, it was consolidated with Houtskär, Korpo, Nagu and Pargas to form the new town of Väståboland (Finnish: Länsi-Turunmaa), which was changed at the beginning of 2012 back to Pargas.