Archipelago ring road part 3

Houtskär consists of a group of bigger islands and many smaller islands in the surrounding sea area. Around 700 islands altogether with a land area of 119.93 square kilometres (46.31 sq mi).

After an hour long sea ride we enter in the Mossala village which is one of the few villages in the former Houtskär municipality. This is also the only ferry that has a toll on the archipelago ring road. And after short drive there is yet an another ferry, this one is really short ride between Mossala and Björkö islands.

Björkö and Kivimo is connected by small land bridge. And then you have to ride the ferry again between Kivimo and Roslax.

And now you are on the main island of Houtskär, Roslax. I didn't drive into the Houtskär village, as it was a bit off from the actual ring road. 

But depends on which direction you are coming, you either have to turn left or drive straight. And as I was coming from north or driving the Archipelago ring road in counter clockwise, I would have to turn left in Trask village.

And then we enter on the connecting road 1800 that goes all the way to Korppoo. This is the winding road part of the island. 

And then we enter the southern part of the Houtskär, where Kittuis village is. From here you take an another long ride on the ferry cross the sea to Korppoo on the Archipelago ring road.