Wiggling E18


Perspective compression or compressing distance? It is a perspective distortion appearance when you "compress" long distance in a view. Like I posted earlier, when you look at a long object from a distance it seems to do strange things, like that bridge is bent out of shape.

This has been on my to-shoot-list for a while. It's a bit over 3 km section of E18 (or National Road 1) in a valley near Paimio that has this wiggling looking road. Usually you don't see it in a person as the road is flat and you can't really see that long from ground level. But this section is in a valley that has over 40 meters height difference in a short distance and first it turns a bit to left and at the bottom of the valley it turns to right and right after it turns again to the left while climbing to other side of the valley and right in the top takes another turn to right.

But from above it doesn't look that bent out of shape. Especially if you look at it from the straight up. Funny how perspective can be deceiving.

I have to visit this again, different time of the day and different season. 

I also shot a short video that is my first video for Roadscape Photography YouTube Channel: