Keeping up with steady publishing part 2

I have made a steady publishing in my YouTube channel and here are a few more since last time.

This one I did make when I drove from my hometown to Taivassalo via regional road 196, which travel from Pyhäranta to Taivassalo. I mistakenly thought that it goes from Pyhärannantie, near Rauma to Taivassalo, but it actually ends in National road 8, near Laitila, and starts from Taivassalo from regional road 192.

Regional road 196 also goes through Uusikaupunki, which is affectionally called Ugi.

This second is part of the national road 12, which goes from Rauma to Kouvola. I drove it from Huittinen to Rauma, via Eura and Lappi.

The road is kind of straight from Huittinen to Eura. After that is a bit, swirling and hilly. 

The third one is a follow-up for my previously driven route From Loimaa to Lappi TL, via regional road 210 and connecting road 2070. Well, not fully on connecting road 2070, but most of the way to Lappi TL.

This is the same road that I made in last October. It was before the first snow and is kind of harsh. I should make that same trip when snow is covering the fields and trees.