National road 43

National road 43 goes from Uusikaupunki to Harjavalta. The road is 75 km long and it connects to National road 2 in Harjavalta.

The road was built in 1950'is and 1960'is and there have been improvements made between 2006 and 2012.

Uusikaupunki is the home of Valmet Automotive, a contract automobile mechanical production company, producing cars and vehicles for brands such as Mercedes-Benz.

Kalanti is a former municipality in Southwest Finland region, when it was merged with Uusikaupunki in 1993.

Laitila is a kind of hub as is Huittinen, a crossroads between National road 8 and National road 43.

Laitila is also called as "egg capitol of the Finland". 

Next is Hinnerjoki which was a former municipality in the Satakunta province, Finland. It was consolidated with Eura in 1970.

Kauttua is well known for its ironworks area, which through I drove earlier in the countryside drive video.

As Kauttua and Eura so close to each other, right next to each other it really didn't take too long for me to enter Eura.

Eura  is one of the most distinguished places in Finland in terms of pre-historical findings. Trance producer and DJ, Ville Virtanen (better known by his stage name Darude) is from Eura.

The municipality of Kiukainen was consolidated with Eura on 1 January 2009.

Kiukainen there are many ancient gravehills made from piled stones. The largest of them is called Kuninkaanhauta, "the king's grave", located in the Panelia village. It is the biggest of its type in Nordic countries.

After quite straight drive and through fields and forest we enter in Harjavalta. In my previous post we drove through Harjavalta.