National road 1 part 1

The National road 1  / E18, that goes from Helsinki to Turku is motorway all the way, but it wasn't so until 2009, when the last section was finished and opened for public. It is also a part of European route 18 that goes from Ireland to Russia, passing through Scotland, England, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The National road 1 starts from Munkkiniemi in Helsinki and ends in VI District, in Turku. I have to admit that I didn't know that Turku's city center was divided into districts. And not named like usually.

So, my journey begins from the Munkkiniemi:

I am not going to mark every exit on the road, which most are time stamped on the video itself. Most of the biggest ones, like this, National road 2 exit: 

And a few kilometers later there is an exit regional road 110, in which this use to end before Highway was completed. You could drive all the way here on a highway from Helsinki and then you drove all the way to the Turku in old regional road 110. And if you were in the left lane and continued driving in the left lane, you'd end up in Hanko.

This is the second longest tunnel in Finland, called Karnainen's road tunnel. It is 2230 meters long. The longest is the Tampere's Rantaväylä tunnel, 2327 meters long.

It is kind of boring to drive on highways. You go quite fast and most of the time there is some sort obstruction that blocks the view, but sometimes the road itself provides the view:

I've made a post about this earlier: Wiggling E18

And just when we are about to enter the Turku there is main road 40, which is unofficially called as a Turku ring road.

Finally, we arrive in the Turku, which was former capital, which it lost only after three years.

It takes 1,5 hours to drive from one end to another, and it is boring. Which is why I try to drive always on the smaller roads and because you can stop on the side of the road and enjoy the scenery when it presents itself.


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