National road 1 part 2

Previously, we drove from Helsinki to Turku and now get out of the Turku and drive to the Helsinki.

Now as we know Turku use to be Finland's capital, albeit shortly, but still it was. Turku is the oldest city in the Finland, first mentioned in 1229 by the Pope Gregory IX first his Bulla.

Although regional road 110 goes parallel to national road 1, there are few intersections where you could change to scenery road. Fun fact, both starting and ending of regional road 110 and national road 1 is 1,3 kilometers away from each other.

And not that long we pass the starting point of regional road 180, which goes from here to Korppoo, and is part of the Archipelago ring road. 

Shortly there is the exit for the Turku ring road.

The Wiggling road from the other direction.

And the  Karnainen's road tunnel from the other direction.

After the National road 2 ends in Vihti and traffic mergers with National road 1, you really can see how that traffic builds up when you get closer to the capitol area.

I do like to drive on the countryside more often because the scenery is better and less traffic. As I am almost always in time and I'll tend to leave early, a bit longer drive isn't a problem. And it's also much more relaxing and cheaper to drive a bit slower, even though you are driving a bit longer.